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Fuji Fashion

Now that you have bought your ticket and you’ve decided on where you gonna stay, the next thing you gotta think about is what to wear. To help you along this difficult road, we suggest a few looks for you to consider.

Basic Rocker
He/she styles with a simple t-shirt with some logo or ironic phrase, pairing it with athletic shoes and shorts. A flimsy, disposable rain poncho is within easy reach, and by the end of the night, this person is running on fumes


Rain Suit
Head to toe rain gear, even accessorizing with a folding camping chair and neck towel, these people have been to Fuji before, and they know what it takes to get through a whole festival in fine, upstanding shape.


The popularity of this musical movement will, I suspect, bring no end to off-the-shoulder neon colored, animal prints, and even animal portraits. Wear this if you came to dance your ass off and sleep all day.


This person is the holdover when festivals were free! A floppy hat, maybe a sunflower, and something tye-dyed. Its important to wear natural fibers cuz they just feel better. This look is still very, very popular, especially in areas where peace & love still rule.


Look at Me!
Do you think you’re the only one wearing a maid costume? These people crave eyeballs and camera clicks. For those who wear costumes for another purpose, like hooking up with other, like-minded freaks, take the Dragondola to Day Dreaming where you can prance around in complete freedom.


And finally, F@&^ Up!
Party On! This person probably played in the mud earlier in the day, and got clean by tossing his clothes away! Expect this type of scene in the early morning at Palace of Wonder


photos from Fuji Rock Express '08. Photographers include from top Basic Rocker (Sean Scanlan), Rain Suit (Funa) Electro (Sébastien-Philippe Fortin) Hippy (Funa) Look at Me (Sébastien-Philippe Fortin) F@&^ Up! (Sébastien-Philippe Fortin)

//sean s.