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Cool to be efficient

Fuji Rock is a carbon neutral festival, meaning that all the carbon dioxide produced during its execution is offest in some way through initiatives such as planting trees and funding sustainable energy projects. This year, however, Fuji Rock adds to its environmentally-concerned cachet by being the launching pad for the Global Cool campaign. The main objective of this campaign is to get one billion people to save one ton of carbon a year each. Though a ton sounds like a lot, this aim can be accomplished by switching off electrical appliances and not leaving them on standby. You can save a lot just by turning off your mobile phone charger.

Fuji Rock has been designated as the first event to implement and encourage the Global Cool Campaign, with July 28 being Global Cool Day. In coming days, the campaign will move to Los Angeles and London and eventually the world.

Smash President Masa Hidaka used the occasion of the opening of the three-day festivities to pitch Global Cool. Following a high-tech video explaining the campaigns concept and objectives, Hidaka gave it a more local spin and then introduced Dan Morrell, the founder of the campaign, and Steve Howard, the campaign's leading scientist.

"We aim for ten years to come back under the global tipping point," Morrell explained in reference to bringing the earth's environment back from the edge of irreversible global warming. Howard added, "One day your grandchildren will ask you what you did to reverse global warming. And you can say you were at Fuji Rock where it all started."

Morrell then introduced actor Orlando Bloom to the expected oohs and ahhs. Leonardo DiCaprio, who is in charge of the California leg of the campaign, was rumored to have wanted to kick off the campaign at Fuji, but he had other obligations. Accompanied by his girlfriend, Kate Bosworth, Bloom said, "It's amazing to be here in this fantastic environment, and with your help we can keep it that way." He then repeated the campaign's catch phrase, "One by one, ton by ton."

They then introduced the first Japanese person to make a pledge on the Global Cool website to reduce his carbon production by a ton a year. Though no one seemed to know this young man's name, he was clearly happy to be there, happy to shake hands with Bloom, happy to "rock" as he said. Or at least that's what it sounded like he said. Bloom was clearly there for more important reasons himself. "Paaaarty, paaaarty," he intoned like a California frat boy. No one said saving the world can't be fun.


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