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Mystery Jets


Flying in to superstardom.

Mystery Jets came out onto stage a few minutes late, to a chanting crowd consisting of mostly young girls. It was a nice place to be! They launched into their set with 'The boy who ran away', their recent single. Their visual style was interesting, with getups ranging from the almost obscenely casual (flanellette chequered shirt) to the perfectly coiffed. Lead man Blain Harrison showed his talent throughout the set, borrowing guitar and bass guitars from various members for different songs, while playing his own abbreviated percussion set. He also saw a lot of tamborine duty, as well as a short stint on cowbell to round out the set.

Bassist Kai Fish was fond of jumping off the stage onto a small table in front of it, and appealing directly to the members of the audience. During the last track he was joined by guitarist William Rees, and both gave away their instruments to connect directly with the crowd. These guys know where their bread is buttered, and they were lapping it up this afternoon!

They played a bunch of their singles that were well received by the appreciative crowd. They also played some unreleased tracks, including one far different to the rest of their set, and quite interesting. Dark crushing bass, the kind you feel rather than hear, a slow number that had a lot of hands in the air. I kept expecting them to grab their lighters and arc up ala metal ballad, and expect that they would have had this been a night time show. They got their biggest single, 'You can't fool me Dennis' out of the way early, and rounded out the set with Alas Agnes and the Zoo Time, where the aforementioned cow bell was brought into the mix.

All up these guys showed great promise for a group of down to earth guys who have burst into the big time over the last 12 months. If they can build a fan base in other countries like they have here, expect to be hearing from them for a long time to come!

Report by Dom.


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if every editor wrote like you believe me the world would be a better place! this was an excellent read expecting more!

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