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Dinner Music At Avalon

Comprised of two guitarists and a violinist, The Suzuki tantalized audience members at Gypsy Avalon with a solid set of folk music.

A percussionist playing a handheld drum skin joined them for their performance adding more diversity to their music. Starting just after 7 pm, many of those in attendance sat down on the grassy hill and ate their supper while watching the band perform. Content to be dinner music, the experienced players looked pleased by the large turnout and seemed appreciative of the audience's support.

Sitting down behind music stands, the soothing folk and acoustic tales perfectly suited the atmosphere of Avalon. Singing in Japanese, the two guitarists took turns leading and occasionally sang together. The band's talented violinist played a major role in the band's music, giving it a rootsier feel which many at Avalon seemed to enjoy.


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