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For Funk's Sake


As mentioned in earlier posts, soul music will certainly be represented at Naeba this year, but 2008 is most certainly the year of FUNK, children, and don’t let nobody tell you different.

There’s Lettuce, a spinoff from the very, very funky Soulive trio. Then there’s the New Master Sounds from the UK funking it up on the Field of Heaven. As for local talent, Saitama’s own Mountain Mocha Kilamanjaro, will lay it down in the Palace of Wonder.

But don’t miss Kansai’s answer to the JB’s, Osaka Monaurail, who will play under the thinly veiled name of Underground Express. These are the same guys who backed up Marva Whitney last year, but instead of James Brown tunes, UE will do funky covers of tunes by guys like Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes and Kool and the Gang.

Ozomatli and Galactic are perrenial favorites in Japan, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see these guys playing together somewhere (on stage, at the Palace late-nite, barreling through the restaurant area, etc)

Oh and did I mention BOOTSY COLLINS is doing a full-on James Brown tribute? That’s right, the mind-freeing, ass-following starry-eyed one will headline the White Stage Friday with an onslaught of funk from the man who arguably birthed the stuff. Ol' Bootsy cut his teeth playing bass for Mr. Dynamite himself, so no doubt he knows the material.

And if that’s not enough funk in your face, I’ve been assured that the Sunday night DJs at the Crystal Palace are carrying some serious vinyl.

Mercy lawd, people. If you can't get your freak on here, then give it up, sister.



Bootsy didn't just cut his teeth with the Godfather - some people from the era say he was the one that pushed the sound towards the funk. It's his bass on Get Up (Sex Machine) and Talking Loud & Saying Nothing.

Then he met George Clinton and went bonkers.

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