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Once A Fujirocker, Always A Fujirocker

A former member of our very hardworking (and dare I say quite handsome … well Jeff and Dom at least) Fuji Rock E-team has written an article about Fuji Rock and Summer Sonic for the May edition of Thirsty.

Michael Lara worked as part of the Fuji Rock Express E-team in 2003 and 2004. He also contributed reviews and interviews to our much beloved sister site, Smashing Mag, for several years. Lara is now the Tokyo Bureau Chief at Thirsty. “Clash Of The Titans: Fuji Rock and Summer Sonic” is the first of three stories related to the two famed fests that he’ll be writing for the publication. Check out the piece here.


* Photo by Sean Scanlan and used with permission of Fuji Rock Express ‘07