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What's with that Amazing Baby?

Amazing Baby - Headdress - Uncensored from Shangri-La Music on Vimeo.

OK, these guys seemingly came out of nowhere. They caught attention at this year's SXSW and are keeping it with ''Rewild,'' their first album.

Amazing Baby are hard to categorize despite being linked to the ''neo-psychedelic'' bands coming out Brooklyn, such as MGMT and Chairlift. Their single ''Narwhal'' does sound like Zepplin, but where they actually land -- though it seems to want to be in the '70s -- is hard to place. An uncensored video for the band's ''Headress'' (above) has topless women ala a Roxy Music album cover (along with a goat, a llama and girl about to devour white mice), though the music could easily be a toned down, keening Muse tune. I could be way off here, but perhaps the best if least obvious touch stone is Mark Eitzel's under-appreciated American Music Club, which has always occupied its own corner in the musical universe. If the young Amazing Baby keeps it up, where could they go? Sunday afternoon at the Red Marquee, could be magic, could be who knows.

-- Donald


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