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la vie en rose

The outer limits of the festival just got more civilized with the addition of a new "stage" called Cafe de Paris, which is "inspired" by "Moulin Rouge," the famous Montmartre night club, not the movie with Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman warbling rock hits from the 60s-80s.

The press release says that patrons can enjoy a true Parisian cafe experience with "full-scale cocktails and wine," not to mention the obligatory "amorous and strange atmosphere," though that last descriptor seems to have more to do with the stage's location at the "back end of the festival" than any Gaullist connotations. It also says that chanson and gypsy music will be offered. Chanson for sure, but gypsy? Francophone is definitely the order of business for Zaz, a young French woman who will be singing quite often at the cafe. Dick El Demasiado doesn't look French at all, and plays what is enticingly called "digital cumbia." Basque reggae/soul group esne beltza will also be at the cafe, as will all those Mongolian circus performers and their musical cohort Altan Nurag, taking a break from their punishing schedule at the Palace of Wonder. Big Willie will bring his American style burlesque to the cafe as will the Swedish "street band" Rafven. Obviously French Cafes aren't just for the French any more.


esne beltza
Dick El Demasaido
Alta Nurag


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